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Jacob is upset that his mother has to go back to work and has hired a nanny, Mrs. Higgins, to take care of him and his sister while she's gone. So he decides to take matters in to his own hands and drive Mrs. Higgins away. Figuring once she's gone, his mother would have no choice but to stay home with them. But, when his various schemes fail to compel Mrs. Higgins to walk off the job, he takes things a bit too far by biting his babysitter!! Rather than winning his mother's attention, he only incurs her wrath! When Mrs. Higgins seemingly quits, his mother replaces her with the ferocious Mrs. Chompsallot and Jacob discovers that he is now a victim of a scheme worthy of his own shenanigans!


Don’t Bite the Babysitter” is a fun and entertaining story that showcases a valuable lesson of acceptance and respect. With whimsical illustrations and humorous situations, the reader is instantly drawn to the story's characters while they ascertain the secret identity of "Mrs. Chompsallot".



Introducing “Don’t Bite the Babysitter”

Be one of the first to get a copy of “Don’t Bite the Babysitter”. Pre- order your copy of the first in a series of children's picture books by Angela Thomas. “Don’t Bite the Babysitter” is a fun and whimsical tale that explains why it’s not a good idea to bite your babysitter!

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Coming out April 2018!